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Our Activities

Our core mission is to empower youth including those at-risk, by offering them a chance to change their life trajectory through meaningful work opportunities and community support. By creating a nurturing environment that combines direct selling experience, engaging social activities, dedicated mentorship, and dynamic, informal training sessions, we aim to equip our youth with the skills and support they need to flourish. Each of these activities serves as a vital pillar in our holistic approach to youth development. Together, they create an enriching program that fosters resilience, self-esteem, and a sense of purpose. Explore below to learn more about our work and how it positively impacts the lives of the youth we serve.


We empower at-risk youth by providing them with direct selling opportunities, helping them build valuable life skills while simultaneously creating financial independence. This work experience not only fosters entrepreneurship and promotes resilience, but also cultivates self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. Direct selling offers a platform where the youth can interact directly with customers, promoting their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and providing practical business knowledge that they can carry forward into their future endeavors.



Our social activities are crafted to provide a secure, supportive environment where youth can form positive, meaningful connections. Through team-building exercises, recreational activities and more, we cultivate a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie, encouraging empathy and shared responsibility. This vibrant community helps to shield the youth from potentially harmful external influences, reducing their risk of falling into unfavourable company. It becomes their safe haven, a place they can turn to for support and comfort. The relationships formed here act as an additional layer of support, enabling them to withstand external pressures and continue on their path towards a more promising future.

social activity


Our dynamic and informal training programs and workshops are designed to equip our youth with a range of both practical and personal skills that will serve them well in life. We emphasise real-world competencies such as sales acumen, financial literacy (saving habits etc), as well as self-awareness topics like understanding one's personality. These sessions are less about formal education and more about fostering a mindset of self-improvement and lifelong learning. Our ultimate aim is to prepare them not just for their roles within our enterprise, but to equip them with skills that foster resilience and self-reliance in the broader context of their lives.



Our mentorship program plays a vital role in guiding our youth on the right path. Our seniors youths and leaders act as role models, offering wisdom, guidance, and support. The mentor-mentee relationship provides a channel for knowledge transfer and personal growth. Mentors can impart invaluable life skills, career advice, and emotional support, helping the youths to navigate through life's challenges. This guidance empowers our youth to make informed decisions and encourages them to envision and work towards a better future.

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